Welcome to the   Harris   Orientation Program

Izzy Petrill President of Harris

I want to take this opportunity to Welcome you to the Harris Family. Your needs are first and foremost with the employees of Harris Transport, LLC. 

We have numerous agencies throughout the  United States to insure that your equipment gets loaded and stays loaded with a minimum of deadhead miles  Our Central Dispatch in Monroe, NC, is here to do what it takes to accomplish this goal. 

Once a load is delivered and paperwork sent to the Monroe office, we pride ourselves in the quick settlement with our owner operators.  The Following Orientation Program is designed to accomplish a minimum of two goals:  

1) Give you information that you need to know how to get things done properly and  












(2)Give us feedback as to whether or not we have communicated that important information to you.. 

We are pleased that you have decided to be associated with us and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship 

There are eight sections  that will follow.  

Section 1 deals with Dispatch, Call-ins, Advances and all the General information you need to communicate properly to The Dispatch Group.  

Section 2 will deal with Billing and all the necessary paperwork that is needed to Bill and Settle your Loads

Section 3 Deals with the Settlement Process and how your pay is actually figured

Section 4 Deals with Logs

Section 5 Deals with Safety and Accident Reporting

Section 6 Deals with the Use of Comcheck Cards 

Section 7 is exclusively for Container Drivers. There is a lot of information, so it will take you a little time to go through this part. Take you time all of it is very important. 

Section 8 is  Miscellaneous Information 


In the following sections you will be asked to read a short Presentation that deals with one Area of Information that you need to know in your relationship with Harris/ Harris

Following the reading you will be asked some questions.  These questions are designed like a test, but it is not really a test.  We need to know how well we have communicated really important information to you.







Start Orientation Program

If you give the correct answers the total time involved will only be a few minutes per section. If you do not give the correct response then we have not really communicated well with you and you will be asked to go through a short review before you have another chance to answer the question.

Once you finish a section a short e-mail will be sent back to Monroe. It's really up to you.  Pay close attention to the written part and read each question closely.  Good Luck.  Click on the Blue message to the left to start.